Mandolin on a Summer Night

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Mandolin on a Summer Night



Liner Notes: 

We had a busy day yesterday, and when I took the dog for her evening walk I was pretty tired. But the evening breeze energized me, so I decided to take my mandolin outside and make up something.
This demo is two takes of the same short lullaby.

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That's a sweet melody indeed. And great accompaniment from my namesakes, the crickets.

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Gotta love a waltz! This is very pretty. Night insects really add something to a mandolin waltz I think. I like the contrast of the B section.

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Love the feel of sitting on the front porch on a summer night playing your instrument. Makes me excited, too, for when I finally get my mandolin back. It's getting fixed! Something I didn't think was going to happen for a long, long time.

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I love the low-key, front porch feel of your tunes.
Nice little melody.
And of course played on the mandolin, one of my favourite instruments!

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Lovely melody you made here. Great sound and who can resist a mandolin

A great way to end a busy day. Thank you for sharing your peace and feeling of contentment through your music. I like how you said 'alright' at the very end too - you sound so laid back and in tune (pun intended I guess lol) with the world around you. Well, good night to you! Smile

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Delicately entrancing, like someone somehow put a mandolin in a magical little music box. Sweetly cheerful, like the sunset closing a satisfying day.