Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

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Perfect Breakfast Sandwich


Liner Notes: 

I was supposed to write a song "Sandwich" for Circle of Titles. I had written this before I went on vacation. When I came back, I like the backing track, but not the melody or lyrics. The recording got corrupted, so I'm not going to post it.


I woke up from a dream of a perfect breakfast sandwich

Toasted English muffin
Light and airy, split in two
But I forgot to go shopping
So all I had was a corn tortilla

All I dreamed of was a perfect breakfast sandwich (x2)

Cut five slices of Monterey Jack
And shared one with the dog
Tossed the tortilla in the toaster oven
Set the heat to "melt"


Buttered griddle
Brown cage-free eggs
Slip in middle
Hear it sizzle
Glowing burner
Edges browning
Pancake turner
Flip it over

Bacon is rebellious
Thick cut strips of pork belly
Salty, smoky
Refuses to be healthy

Sadly, we were out of meat
Except for frozen salmon
I sprinkled the egg with Tapatillo
Spicy red pepper heat


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So hungry now. Fun subject and imagery! Good work, I especially like the line "Refuses to be healthy." As if the food had it's own thoughts. lol

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This is of a sad song. I hope lunch is less of a disappointment.

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Ah the glorious task of making due with what you have and hopefully being delighted with the result! Love the vivid concise description of the evolution of the recipe!

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Great strong writing with a nice story. You create a great picture of the take what you got story