Blue Berry Kid

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Blue Berry Kid



Liner Notes: 

Sort of based on people and places I've known. And more of the slide guitar I'm holding in my profile photo.


Guy I knew 35 years ago
On the farm back in Ohio
Way out in the field so no one could find
That’s where he tended his secret vine
Blue Berry Kid

Quiet guy so no one knew
Kind of shy but funny too
When I stumbled on that secret vine
He shared with me some homebrew wine
Blue Berry Kid

Wonder if he’s happy now
And if he has land to plow
Does he still feel the need for a secret vine
Or can he share that taste divine?
Blue Berry Kid

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Made me smile- good on that kid! Always love me some slide guitar.

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Wow, so much in this song. First, it is a genuine blues song, it has the authentic feel of one, and then, to add the icing to the cake there is a very cool sounding and well-played slide. Then there is the story, it's well told and very intriguing with strong images. 'Does he still still need a secret vine?' This a great line and it asks a big spiritual question. The lyrics are cool and deep. I could imagine this done by a big blues band - it would sound great. You have really put a lot into a short song.

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Love that slide guitar - always a great sound. Good lyrics that tell a strong tale and leave you with that open-ended question in the last verse.

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Great take on blue! Greta lyrics and -just a good song!

The title of your song convinced me to give this a listen. Very cool slide guitar sounds to go along with your vocals. Great imagery and storytelling in your lyrics. Nice!