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Liner Notes: 

I came up with this picking pattern after re-stringing a baritone ukulele that I bought for cheap a few months back. My friend said it was "Hauntingly beautiful", so I had to finish it!

I hope you enjoy, love the feedback!

Release date:
28 July 2017
© 2017 Joe McCullough / Your Average Joe Under Exclusive License To McCullough Music


Inside, your head
Your thoughts, are fed
Not bread, but words that were just said

Inside, the mind
Your thoughts, in binds
Rewind, these words that were unkind

We’ll find our mind’s door
Won’t need to feel this way any more

Inside, this brain
Your thoughts, sustain
Refrain, before we go insane.

We’ll find our mind’s door
Won’t need to feel this way any more

We’ll set these thoughts free
No longer bound by anxiety

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Wow! This is so beautiful! I think I could listen for hours-gorgeous stuff!

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I love the lyrical stucture and rhyme scheme. Poetic and philosophical. The baritone uke sounds great and your gentle delivery is gorgeous. Such a meditative quality to it.

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Ahhhh gorgeous, particularly the eerie patterns on the sweet-sounding bari on top of those dark heavy strings. Interesting rhyme scheme too - the end rhyme repeated at the beginning of the next line, along with the baritone loop, reflects the cyclical nature of anxiety really well.

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What a great sound you got with the bari! Love the production, has a Floyd feel to it. Very creative!