Penny in the Pocket of the Lord

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Penny in the Pocket of the Lord



Liner Notes: 

The title came to me as I was listening to music in the car - it fit the melody of the song I was listening to, but I don't really know where it came from (other than I've had gospel music on the mind a lot lately). I wrote down the title and a few rhyming lines before I could forget, and then later wrote a whole song that probably sounds a little (but hopefully not too much) like the song I was listening to. It's old-school country - that stuff is etched into my brain from hours as a kid with my dad's vinyl.


I am a rich man in certain ways
Got a good job and sometimes it pays
Got me some worries but others got strife
And I can always come home to my kid and my wife

I keep it real ‘bout what I can afford
I am a penny in the pocket of the Lord

I am a rich man by certain measures
Roof over my head but no hidden treasures
Able to give as well as receive
Donate to causes in which I believe

But I should give much more, no need to hoard
I am a penny in the pocket of the Lord

Though He appreciates prayers from the pew
He don’t need more pennies – even shiny and new
One way this penny can become a dime
To share with others not just money but time

I am a rich man, a king I suppose
Dpn’t need a crown and I got barefoot toes
Feel pretty good for a man of my age
I’ve learned a few things, though I’m far from a sage

Not real sure ‘bout how all this is scored
I am a penny in the pocket of the Lord

Though he appreciates praises in song
He wants helping hands that are sturdy and strong
As I invest in compassionate time
Soon I’ll be a nickel, even if I’m never a dime
Soon I’ll be a nickel, maybe in heaven a dime

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In some ways a bit like my lyric today. This is so sweet and real. A song anyone should relate to this and like it. Nice one!

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Great write and I love the sentiment in the song. Nicely done!

I've heard a-whollotta-hymns and etc., and that sounds pretty original to me. I've heard many (well most probably) of your songs over the short time I've been around "here", I'll probably remember this one (that you wrote it).

Great work, generalised, yet apparently authentically personal, --that's the way to go!

I think too, if lyrics released, it would get picked for P&W. It walks a line of redemption and conviction so skews the wonderful side of being joyous vs "hand in my pocket" --"use".