No Doing, No Try

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No Doing, No Try




Liner Notes: 

This is a morph song.

It is a morph of helen's song "Jago says" *22557
which is a morph of airbagtester's "Jago Says It's All In The Wrist" *21934
which is a morph of AndyGetch's "My First Hat Trick" *20947

I used half of helen's lyrics, all of her chords, that riff, and a little bit of the feel. Then I got the Catalytic Perverters to record the music with me.

I'm not too sure of this one. what is it about? how autobiographical is it? is it a suckfest?
It's not really something the Cat Pervs would typically play, whatever typical is for them.

Anyway, it's a morph. Done. On to the next.

the Catalytic Perverters:
Joe B. - drums
Brian Murray - bass
Ptom plainwhitetoast Djones - guitar and vocals


Aged ten, small and weak,
Pushed around, picked on,
Pick up a stick,
Afraid to hit back,

Aged fifteen, skinny kid,
hatred building behind the eyes
never know when
the glass will break

Aged eighteen, tall now
start to feel, more in control
Need to get out,
but got to stay

Just try to try
it’s all in the mind
all in the mind
in the mind

Aged twenty five, still alive,
but barely surviving
try to justify
amd justify and justify

Aged thirty, married
still hurting, uncertain,
of where to run
or what's to be done

Aged thirty seven
divorced, of course
couldn't wait, jumped the gate
a self-fulfilling fate

Just try to try
it’s all in the mind
all in the mind
in the mind

Aged forty
got it sorted, sort of
startled living
on a rug's edge

Aged forty five
on a nose dive
grown hard-hearted
death spiral started

Aged fifty one, feeling dull
no more fun, feeling done
no more jokes
one last smoke

no need to try
it’s all in the mind
all in the mind
in the mind

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It's cool that people are doing this kind of song, which is new to me. I like what you have here, it's very real, and the vocals remind me a bit of Jethro Tull.

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This is cool. You've taken my rambling kind of tone, and kept some of that vibe, but given it much more structure. Sounds great.