Eastern Fight

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Eastern Fight



Liner Notes: 

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Well, this one, again, --was engaged some time ago... still not "finished" but progressing.

It's based up a girl from Afghanistan we came to know. She was blunt and simple, -- hated her country and had no desire to return, "what for she said", "brutalized until one day someone kills me for no reason".

She, "here" was outspoken, entering college, dressed very "fashionable-girly" ... -- her Mom was happy to have her leave. She had two brothers near her age +- who loved and supported her (unlike how it could otherwise be).

One day she said, you guys could adopt me ... yeah right... a beautiful Afghani-girl in her teens, -- not gonna happen. But, my point, --she was that "innocent" and open to the world. We lost touch for a while, --wondered if she became "culturalized" -back as she got "older", since this happens. And then, these two friendly Christian folks (us), would not really be as welcome. No, we ran into her one day... and she's OK... kept trying to hug me... --I'm not a big "hugger" and shy anyway.

So, this song is based upon impressions of her and what we knew of her and her family.

Other ad hoc Notes:
I was asked to loan someone a guitar, -- a painful decision if not a close friend. In my digging, found a 12-string Electric I forgot I had, --yes, really Smile So, figured --use it now. It's direct into the Mixer ... which can be rather harsh... --then, grabbed my other handy dandy gat just sitting there next to me and did a one take of that too (someone said, yeah, do more of that, --just concerned it gets to busy... I'm not Fish or the "Dead" over here Smile ) This mix is iffy, well actually, it wan't really "mixed" just a functional bounce...
- I hear a big heavy drum kit in it's future if ever really gets done
- And yes, that's a dog outside my window barking... Smile

-- SoDerUgo Smile


remove chords
C ^ s: e-c [g] v
Fighting in the East
Am ^ s-c v
Old sand
Em ^ s-e v
New skin and bone
F s-e
Profit of the beast

C ^ e to g v
Your rules
Am ^ v
They say
Em ^ v
In the name of God
Whose’ God?

Stepped on a crack
Broke your mothers back
Can’t learn, …but
Allowed to die, …oh why?

Am Em F
Oh Why? … why… why
C Em
For the cost of Faith, on-ly
Am F C e to g
Only Faith, only, Faith; only…
C Em Am
Only Faith, only Faith
Only Faith

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Good questions posed in your track here. Nice guitar work too.

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Oh Phooey! Hug the dang girl. It won't kill ya! She obviously thought you were wonderful and not in a weird way. Gosh! I'd squish some ribs and probably lift a person off the ground, despite my size if I ran into someone I thought so wonderful----unless they got all weird about it.... Anyway...interesting background in your liner notes--love those sort of tidbits, especially about other cultures, which I find fascinating!

The guitar to me sounded great! Don't know what you're worried about. You are a FABULOUS guitar player! (and I thank you for your encouragement of me on mine, sparse as it was). Interesting manner of summation in your lyrics AND I even get them this time on account of your liner notes. Without them, it would be like a riddle that would take me weeks to figure out (without a context) and possibly I still wouldn't get it. I'm not so great at solving riddles, BUT, I like the challenge and it keeps me in tune and thinking over the lyrics and listening.

Your 12 string electric is a good fit with your style of singing. Similar to the acoustic in the way you play it. Yes, I like that little solo in the background, and I don't think it would make it too busy, but hey - you've heard some of my fuller production songs before - some of my stuff are very busy, maybe too busy to some. lol In the end of course, it's really what you're comfortable with and feel like doing. It's nice to read the backstory. I'm not much of a hugger either. Great song and story. Smile

Hey, thanks... sometimes a 12 string to my ears can sound "funny" ... but, I tend to hear things others may not, or maybe is just how I hear it. I tend to hear overtones, which is not a bad thing... There's no way to get rid of them and the note would sound stale if gone, -ironic. (Sometimes, one has to "detune" it a bit, so when chorded is on the spot.)

The only way I like the 12 str when I play it is with more treble... as I did, full treble pickup.

Acoustic --sounds the best but, where I used to use that, I was afraid of feedback so, the solid body elec. was the way to go. I may get an acoustic yet Smile "More krappe" around the house, omg!

Anyway, I appreciate the feedback since hard to know... sometimes.

Hey... the lead/rhythm guitars were sounding good in my opinion. Vocals loaded with emotion. The chorus has an anthemic sing along catchiness to it. Nice ballad - could imagine this all fleshed out.

Oh, thanks for that input, --it's much appreciated! Smile

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Like the guitar on this, especially the opening, this has a nice sound and fits the emotions in the write, nice song!