Wise Old Fool

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Wise Old Fool



Liner Notes: 

The other day, I heard "Barracuda" by Heart on our local classic rock station. I freaking love that song, and I have since the first time I heard the machine-gun guitar riff that opens it. That song must be almost 40 years old.
This song of mine sounds nothing like that one. But there's a line in "Barracuda" about a "silly fool," and it got me thinking that a fool doesn't always have to be silly.


Silly stories that you tell
Meaningful and funny as hell
Perched upon your barstool
You’ve become a wise old fool

Lesson wrapped up in a pun
Nothing new under the sun
Lots of thread upon your spool
You’ve become a wise old fool

Sweetheart in a shell grown tough
Around the edges you’re still rough
Made mistakes so I don’t have to
Oh how I wish that were more true

You’re no racehorse, more trusty mule
Ain’t saying that to be cruel
In fact, I think you’re really cool
You’ve become a wise old fool

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Oh I love that harmonica to bring it open to such a great song! Great song you have here!

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I very much like the simple affection in your vocals and the overall message here, valuing those with life experience to share. Top-notch lyrics, accompanied by relaxed guitar and folksy harmonica that fit perfectly with the concept of a solid-and-true old timer. A most enjoyable, warm listen!

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Nice track, Chip! The harmonica interludes break up the verses in a concise and beautiful way, and the wise fool oxymoron makes a great refrain. Classy stuff despite it's apparent simplicity.

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I like the oxymoron and you develop it so well. Great strum backdrop for the harmonica! Love it!

Check out barracuda by "Seasick Steve" -- nothing like it, but nice too Smile

-- I like your guitar play'in...

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This is a sketch of a character I think we'll all have met - that one old guy in the local bar. Really like the 'You’re no racehorse, more trusty mule' line.