Whiskey On My Grave

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Whiskey On My Grave



Liner Notes: 

Izaak: So an old friend of mine spent the weekend at my place and we recorded four songs including this one. He sings lead and harmony vocals, plays rhythm guitar, and wrote all the words and music for these songs. I hope I can get him to start an account and link him as a collaborator, but until then, I'll pass your comments along the best I can. I sang harmonies and played the various lead and backing instruments, as well as doing the sound editing.


Worked all my life
But I could never afford a wife
Live alone with my dog and I
And a bottle of whiskey-rye
Year after year I cry
Tears made of beer
Left my soul at a drinkin’ hole
And lord knows it took its toll

Lord when I die
Ain’t nobody gonna cry
My soul’s too drunk to save
So pour some whiskey on my grave

Lost a love or two
But they were never ever true
Think about them now and then
But I never saw them again
Well I’ve tried to pray
But God ain’t got too much to say
So give me a bottle of whiskey
And that’s a miracle to me

Lord when I die
Ain’t nobody gonna cry
My soul’s too drunk to save
So pour some whiskey on my grave

Reaper’s at my door
I won’t be drinkin’ anymore
I asked for a last request
And he said sure I guess
I know my sins are a certainty
I’ll be paying’ for eternity
So I beg and plead
I get an epitaph that reads:

Lord when I die
Ain’t nobody gonna cry
My soul’s too drunk to save
So pour some whiskey on my grave
Lord please pour some whiskey on my grave

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I hope he does have an account-this is so good! Just a great production all around!

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So well put together. You guys are excellent lyrical bartenders. Very classy country. Not just your average lyrics but thoughtfully constructed. The arrangement is so much fun just gulping along. Great work!

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Really nice, rootsy song. Should be a big hit if you're able to do it live.

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Fantastic imagery in the "Pour some whiskey on My grave" Love the production very solid

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I love this so much - makes me nostalgic for the country music my dad listened to when I was a kid. Great blend of talents here!

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First of all, why I have not commented on a single one of your songs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?
Second, give me this friend's info. I'll make him join! Or maybe not. That might actually be kinda creepy. Hahahahahahaha!
I'm with you both. Most days, whiskey's a better friend than anyone else in my life. The line "My soul's too drunk to save" is aces!
Friend's voice definitely has a great country twang. This whole thing is catchy as heck. Love the stand up bass.
Good stuff guys! Smile

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some lovely textures going on in the production of this rootsy country blues. nice harmonies and the lead vocal is very smooth and easy on the ear.

I just found "Redemption Rye" this year; liked it so much wrote a song using its name Lol hahhh...