Gypsy Girl

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Gypsy Girl



Liner Notes: 

Izaak: So an old friend of mine spent the weekend at my place and we recorded four songs including this one. He sings lead and harmony vocals, plays rhythm guitar, and wrote all the words and music for these songs. I hope I can get him to start an account and link him as a collaborator, but until then, I'll pass your comments along the best I can. I sang harmonies and played the various lead and backing instruments, as well as doing the sound editing.


Gypsy Girl
Stay with me for awhile
Blackest eyes
Ruby red smile
Hmm Gypsy Girl
Got me in a trance
With your wicked dance
Got me feeling, feeling alright
Please before the dawn
Before you move on
Won’t you give me one more night
Hmm Gypsy Girl
Gypsy Girl you rock my world

Golden bands silver strands of lace
Never seen a prettier face no
In your crystal ball
Tell me have I got a second chance at all
To stop your running around
Ooo Gypsy Girl
Gypsy Girl you rock my world

No don’t turn away
Never even told me your name
See you walking
She’s walking away
See you walking
She’s walking away

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Sounds great izaak... amazing what you and your friend could accomplish in just one weekend!

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This is very cool. You both sound so incredibly laid back, it's such a relaxing performance that brings a smile to your face. And then the harmonies appear to add the final touch of coolness!

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Nice Smile Very pleasant to listen to overall and the vibe just makes me happy

In my head I hear a bit of Stephane Grappelli violin with this.

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I heard the whiskey song and had to hear another of your collabs. This has a country feel, too - like country swing. Groovy bass playing. I dig it!

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This one is my favorite. The jazzy feel makes me happy, very happy indeed.
This is simple and beautiful, just like she is. The sincerity in your voice is provocative. And that sneaky little vocal line of Izaak's at the end totally made it that much more awesome for me.
Great stuff!