Let It Be (apocalyptic)

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Let It Be (apocalyptic)



Liner Notes: 

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-- Another old one I thought I'd firm up.
The Intro, Out-tro was just for "if" ever recorded the more electric side to this all... stuff here Smile
(Not really for "here"... demo's is demo's, records is records and "performance" is performance... all very different animals and level of "hell" Smile Hahh... )

I just don't know if/how folks use the tags so, on this one I note as "arguably":
acoustic spiritual christian arguably lo-fi one-take

Is it one-take if one take yet I literally chopped in the "reversals" intro/out-tro? Eh, well, I dunno. And, arguably "Christian" since no church would want this and mainstream seems to hate anything with the word/Name of Names, -- Christ. Again, Eh, who knows. Lo-fi... yup, it's lo fi as I define it. SoderUgo Smile

I see this one, which came from a series of work I was doing where, I see it as a "rock" Christian "opera" so to speak... like "Rock of Ages" but, a Christian version Smile


\Am s-a \EMaj s: g#-e [No sus verse 01]
Liv…ing in the ruins, of earth’s souls…
There will be an answer, let it be
Am E v^v
Me… …, in Christ
We… …, in Chri… … st

\Am Sus E
We fight… the ene – mles, of our souls
We do it with… or without Him
Am E v^v
With… …, without Him
With… …, without Hi… …m

\Am Sus E
Promised… broken land of prophecy
For… the cost of faith, only faith
Am E v^v
Faith, only faith
Faith, only fai… …th

We’re… only one prayer…, from our last
We’re… only one moment…, from our past
Am E v^v
Life has to last
Life has to pa… …ss

Covered… with the ashes of Liturgy
De… con struc tion … … of… doc trin ese…
Am E v^v
We, in Christ
Me, in Chri… …st

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Okay, now interested to hear the more electrical version of this. At first, thought, "What is that?" Regarding the intro, outro, then read your liner notes more carefully and realized it was more for capturing an idea for later so you don't lose it. Now envisioning the electric version of this might be pretty cool. I like the strum, the rhythm, the change ups in the music. I like the vocal melody, but there's something--can't quite put my finger on it--maybe the prosody? maybe the way the rhymes land? Perhaps the mushing of phrases?--not sure yet--something needing tweaking in the lyrics or execution of vocalizing them. Something feels off about it. I wish I could better pinpoint what it is.

The vocals are neither ahead or behind, -- deliberately, for tension. (I'm aware Smile ) Also, my rhythms are so unusually syncopated with the vocals, -- it's hard to even create a "click track" to "follow". I know, generally speaking, I am on beat, where the beat is, but that tension is the beat. I think I'd have to loop a, lots of ghosted notes drum sample... and make adjustments. However, I don't want adjustments to "it". I've found this in a number of other artist work (going back to Woodstock era...), that I attempted to drum to... nearly impossible, especially w/o a lead sheet to know when to just stop playing.

Hey, why not? You wrote "not really for here," but I say go for it (if you so choose). There are all sorts of demos here - I actually like the peek into the electronics side. Apocalyptic songs sure welcome all sort of effects. Nice rock feel to the lyrics and guitars. The ending leaves me in suspense. Very nice. Smile

Thanks for that input. If toward the end I find I have nothing to do, maybe I'll follow up for here.

This song, as I see it, again not for "here"... (ironically I really do not like "musicals" at all...) ... anyway, I see it as "that guy", breaks into song to "explain" something... in the story line. E.g., this all happening and folks are getting that this is all real... and he/she is in the field of "bodies" to be eaten by the birds, or some other extreme apocalyptic dust, --yet fitting for 21st century family hour TV Smile (not).

The music would have to be like (ever see blue man group...? hi-fi, indeed, --it will get loud. They hand out ear plugs, or used to).

And, I am thinking could be less literal in Stagecraft... so, like, again --sticking with that analogy of Blueman group, modern with projections across the back. Not quite "concerty" like David Gilmores stuff but more like his band, Pink Floyd w/"The Wall" and interactive like BMG was -- they engaged the audience directly.

Simple --for me, is good/better ... as Alfred Hitchcock created his stuff (if ever took a film analysis, mass media class?), -- leave the "explosion" out, and let the viewer assign their own mind-picture to that tension.

-- If I was back in school... it'd be a project since would have those resources Smile ... I should become a professional student ... again Smile

Anyway, I see "it" as on a stage, and if "film", -- "filmed" as if on a stage, or on the stage with multiple cameras. Total immersion as in a Film... eh, not sure that's necessary. And, I like live events, if even then "recorded" somehow. I've seen stage craft filmed (can't think of the title(s))... they "look like musicals" Smile as "performed" not "acted out".