Flock of Ibis

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Flock of Ibis



Liner Notes: 

I'm back! I was without means to record for a few days - seemed like an eternity! But I did write six songs, and now I get to start sharing them again.
The ibises have been out in our neighborhood, often after a rainstorm.


Flock of ibis, such a busy crew
Pecking away in the morning dew

Flock of ibis sure do got a funky strut
Flock of ibis shakes its collective butt

Flock of ibis hides til the rain is done
Then finds a puddle, dancing in the sun

Flock of ibis, some are brown and some are white
Eats together, gets along all right

Flock of ibis flying when it should
Sticking together it owns the neighborhood

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I love Ibis! This has such a great vibe. Awesome song!

Great style, execution, --well done all around in any manner of speaking.

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A great groove here, right from the first notes. 'collective butt' is a nice lyric and not one I've ever heard before. The three note bass run is very good.

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nice! what with the reference to 'morning dew' and 'funky strut/shakes its collective butt', I picture the ibis as a tie-dyed jamband bird Smile

love that percussive guitar playing-- and neat non-standard chords (inspired by 'west la fadeaway' a bit perhaps?)