Find My Way To a New Happy Place

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Find My Way To a New Happy Place

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17 sent me the ukelele and a partial la la track as a starting idea. I aded lyrics and a little guitar. She added more la la's, piano, accordion, and mixed.

I added some clarinet too! Haven't played it in years. And it's always fun to channel my inner hippie with Andy! Biggrin -Adnama17


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Find My Way To a New Happy Place


Chorus twice
Find my way to a new happy place
Spending days to play along
Find my way to sing a happy song

Dreams will never end
Peace will be my friend
Let past heartaches go again

Guideposts gets dark
Path gets rough
Making marks
For days I find enough love

Repeat chorus twice

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Sounds like fun was had in the making of this song, very entertaining.

Drive By Love Fest's picture

I just had a very happy 2 minute head bop to this. What a catchy song with a quirky vibe to it. These lyrics are so sweet and gentle but actually when you think of how important the message is the meaning has a strong impact.

SueAwesome's picture

love the ukelele in there! the whole vibe makes me think of a 70's sound mixed with Howard Jones.. or so I hear
Nice work!

Fuzzy's picture

Very innocent and childlike.
Everything about this is great, especially the clarinet and the accordion and the la la's.

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Listening to this DID make me happy. Thanks! Fun arrangement. Love the background vocals!

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This came on just after another Adnama17 song in the jukebox - what a lovely combination! You're happy and you don't care, and I thoroughly enjoyed this little escape.

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I'm an ex Clarinet player too and this song makes me want to get it out of retirement and have a go Smile

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Great collaboration! I dig how much is happening in this recording, so much to hear, it's a really fun listen!

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This is catchy! I think "Find my way to sing a happy song" calls for people to sing along. Sounds like you're having fun performing it and that makes us have fun too!