Vlad (A Strange-Un)

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Vlad (A Strange-Un)



Liner Notes: 

took way over the hour. tried at some points to get music together too, and i do have a musical basis for it, but realised that i didnt stand a chance writing and recording in the time.. i can't believe how far over time i have gone since i just decided to get the lyrics done ( with music in mind- no demo)
mostly probably because i've been nostalgia-ing!


My Old Mate Vlad, he was a strange-un
Met him when I was at college when I first came to London
My housemate worked in a charity shop, and just sorta found him
brought him home for a coffee, then we were often around him

He drove a white Capri and wore a leather jacket
he was in his 60s with a white pony tail
he talked incessantly, I sometimes couldn't hack it
mundanely-randomly-endlessly, sometimes I had to bail
He had Wizardly long whiskers in a kinda reverse goatee
wonder if he's dead now, I guess so, probably
He was a strange-un, that Vlad, I kinda miss him

He'd come around and natter for hours
and usually our meetings were at ours
then one day he took us (in his capri)
over to his house.... can't believe what i see..

his mother was a taxidermist, dead 10 years or more
he lived in her house now, or rather just one floor
or actually just a fraction of one room
a tiny oasis in a jampacked warehouse of heirlooms

he couldn't get in the kitchen, had a camping gas stove
surrounded by boxes, of unknown treasure trove
floor to ceiling, wall to wall,
elephant foot umbrella pot in the hall

glass eyes and rigid fur, on every step of the stairs
squeeze past them warily, stuff of nightmares
honoured that he shows us, his mother's bedroom
untouched, since the day she left it, untouched, except for dust
spacious, pretty, uncluttered, ....trust

My Old mate Vlad, he was a strange un
i dont know how we lost touch
My Old mate Vlad , he was a strange-un
He was a strange-un that Vlad I kinda miss him.

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What a creepy story! At first I thought of Vlad the Impaler, then Norman Bates, then a hoarder.

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he wasn't at all creepy. [maybe i would edit "at all"- "a bit"- in a nice way ;)] in the back of my mind i wanted a bit in the song about how he was always lovely and didn't ask for anything but it never came to be, the taxidermy was a bit creepy sure. but Vlad was just annoying for talking too much! [EDIT] AFfter reading Odilongreens comment this reply is stupid Smile i would delete it if it didnt put his comments out of context. I take it back. You are right corrine Smile

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At first I was expecting a horror-show tale, like a vampire or something, when I read the name Vlad. But of course, that's not where this went at all; rather, it turned into a most unusual character sketch. I do agree with [@corrine54] that it still does have a kind of creepy vibe, especially once you get to his house. Indeed, the words you use ("can't believe what I see;" "stuff of nightmares") strongly gives a scary feel, and the imagery of an overstuffed house except for the perfectly preserved bedroom of a mother ten years dead is ... unsettling. I like where you're going a lot, but if you want the audience to hear this as charmingly eccentric rather than creepy, it may be worth at least softening some of your words (or explaining the context more).

But like I said, it's quite an interesting character sketch as-is, and the audience can and will take from it what they will. I look forward to the demo one day, should you choose to make one!

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Wow! Such vivid descriptions of a uniquely complex and interesting indivual. I love how this unfolds. The taxidermy verse is wonderful. One of my boyfriends in high school had a father who was a taxidermist who worked out of his home... always an interesting place to visit! Great song!

There's a lot of story in your lyrics. I'm glad you're able to share it. So many details - it reminds me of one of those hoarder reality shows, but quieter and more personal because it's a friend of yours. Great work on the skirmish! Smile

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Really great and vivid storytelling ... I can picture Vlad's house filled with dead animals and his face with the "reverse goatee." I, too, thought of Norman Bates!

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Sounds like an interesting guy! Maybe I'm strange, but I didn't get a creepy vibe from reading this at all. I wanted to go over to his house and check out all his stuff. Biggrin

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wow, I was expecting this to be a vampire tale but it's just a fond and colorful character sketch, really liked it! The scene with all the taxidermied animals really stood out for me. So interesting and intriguing.

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I was afraid the mother was going to be stuffed, and positioned in her bed... Reading a book, or staring blankly at a tea cup. Glad this wasn't that sort of song Smile