Helpless (skirmish)

Helpless (skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

This is a speed skirmish- 30 min from hearing the prompt 'helpless' to finished song.. crazy, and fun


Things not going the way that we planned it
The price went sky high the minute they scanned it
It started straight and level but then came the potholes
The captain’s gone there’s no one at the controls
Checkmate to every item on the checklist
How can we go on feeling so helpless

We dressed for the rain but the sun burned thru the clouds
The angels of mercy covered up by a shroud
Mudslides and earthquakes messing up supply lines
Smooth stone slabs sinking under the porcupines
The cotton candy covered up the iron fist
How can we go on feeling so helpless

There’s reinforcements coming north by northeast
Unless they get distracted and go off to the feast
Where the giant kalidescope meets the man with the microscope
In a vain attempt to find us a little hope
This isn’t just a quiz it’s the final test
How can we go on feeling so helpless

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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Amanda West's picture

Oh my goodness, so much doom and gloom in there Mike ! And yet you make it sound upbeat and fun somehow Smile
Love that rock n roll bluesy rhythm sliding along in the background Smile

tcelliott's picture

Good energy and rhythm. That downward strum line is tasty, it's a good bit. That's a pretty darn cool write for 30 minutes.

Lake's picture

The juxtaposition of the ominous feeling lyrics and the great upbeat toe-tapping groove of the music a wonderful way to convey the angst of our times without making us totally depressed! Well done!

Donna Devine's picture

What fantastic imagery and examples. Love the upbeat vibe that's so in contrast to the mood of the lyric.
Written in 30 minutes? WOW! Smile

Marije's picture

I enjoy how uplifting this sounds for a song called Helpless... this is so relatable though! Sounds like you're placing those everyday struggles in perspective, which is great. Enjoyed my listen!