Redemption Rye, Redemption Raw [Edited in Chords, a soundfile is com'in]

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Redemption Rye, Redemption Raw [Edited in Chords, a soundfile is com'in]


Liner Notes: 

Just wrote free flow thought in like 5 mins... thought, what the heck, put it here. Captured during a thought while watching Smile an unusual "rock", movie, completely unrelated -- which is how it happens for me sometimes.

Also, on this, --looking for better use of some phrases... so will edit in/out lines as I go. For me, I will put a line, or phrase, or riff in a couple of different songs, sourcing it a home in all these drafts. Sometimes, it's how from 10 songs, comes one and the other nine "are" the rewrites Smile --Well, how I see it.


F Am
The earth in your whole, it comes apart
Makes you feel the dirt in your heart
Redemption rye, burns as it flows
Cleans it’s tunnels, longest row

Redemption rye, it makes me raw
D Am Em
Makes me think of past times, long war
D Am Em
Happy to have’em by song time gone
F C D [G G sus -if decide to go up-pitch]
When life hits you with piss and dirt, --redemption rye

F Am
Looking for heaven in easy pop cans, won’t find
Redemption don’t come from Pez news lines
It’s spout burns as it pours, crying from stay tab pews
Redemption rye, it makes me raw

If you say you believe, you better relieve
The Lord reaps what He sews, crown cork news
Weed or wheat, hell or high water, you won’t speak

Redemption raw, burns as it flows
Cleans it’s tunnels, longest row
Makes you feel the dirt, flirt in your heart
The earth in your whole, it comes apart

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Redemption rye, redemption raw - the alliteration's great in this one. Hey, that could be the title. Wink Nice flow of thoughts.

Oh, I like that, thank you! And so it shall be.

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I'm guessing there was a challenge out there with rye in it? Saw some others using rye in my browsing. I Agee the rr, rr has a nice catchy roll with it. Now that you met the criteria of the challenge, I can see you morphing this to further meet your personal style. I can hear you using redemption row/roe knowing how you like to play with homonyms.

No, no challenge I am aware of, -- someone robbed me? Smile Ahhh, copying is the greatest compliment Wink

(But, I am unaware of other "Rye" focused songs. Redemption Rye is a Wiskey I just found and like, but hard to get, --no one really carries it, -- an "old recipe" they say. And, I've been using the term "Redemption Verse" in my comments to some to kindly explain -- we need a happy ending so we can keep selling beer and folks still want to hear the next set Smile )

So that, combined with "fragments" in my head, sought to make a pizza-lyric, as I call it --so as to have a functional record of "it", et al.