Three Sisters Garden

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Three Sisters Garden



Liner Notes: 

Title for Skirmish: Garden

Needs some tweaks but need to get to work


stronger together
nurturing companions
helping one another
in this garden of life...
garden we must sow

corn stands tall in the center
a stalk for the beans to rise
squash grows to surround them
ground cover to help them thrive

three sisters garden
corn beans and squash
seeds of the earth
gifts of the summer sun

three sisters garden
corn beans squash
food from the earth
lessons for everyone

corn gives us meal for bread
beans adds more nourishment
squash helps warm and fill us
sustaining enrichment

partners forever
supporting collaboration
teaching what all should
in this garden of life...
garden we must sow

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A lovely lyric in praise of the work together of gardening.

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A sort of female foodies' hymn. Gardens _are_ a very female aspect; it must be the smaller, quieter and nurturing aspects vs the male principel of charging out into teh wild forest (or in my case, the wild rose garden). Lessons for everyone...yes, but some of us have difficulty learning them. THis would have a peaceful, warm and gentle backing.

I love this. Particularly as I'm growing corn, beans and squash! I hadn't thought of marrying them up together but that would be a space saver for sure and cut down on weeds! Does it work? My beans have grown higher than my corn this year...