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Liner Notes: 

Looking at the skirmish prompt 'traveling' as i am sitting on a bus. Serendipity. Am hearing borrowed music from Mare Wakefield in my head, will record when able.

NOTE: 7/27/2017 I added music and recorded a rough demo


remove chords
Guitar tuned down a step chord shapes relative to nut

Sitting on tan suede seats Amtrak 6098
Ticket says get there 6:30 I didn’t want to be late
On my way to songwriting camp
Writing prompts progressive rants
So I'm sitting on tan suede seats Amtrak 6098

Songwriting is a practice I make it into a hobby
Words and music mashups translation from my worries
Putting my deepest feelings out there in the light of day
Just because I'm not religious maybe this is a way to pray
And my songwriting is a practice I make into a hobby

New adventures
Building character
Searching for community
Every achievement
Every predicament
Reflecting back at me

The bus is pulling out now its like my own song coming true
No matter how hard times are the music pulls me through
Heat tested in the fire is the only way I'll learn
Sometimes it lifts me higher and sometimes I get burned
Now leaving the station is like my own song coming true

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wonderfully descriptive and intimate feeling. I love the candid in the moment honesty. The bridge is insightful and adds depth and vulnerability. Love it! Have fun at camp!!!

Nicely done. Only really getting into skirmishes this year, it amazes me how much can get done in such a short time, makes me think about all the other spaces that could be filled up with writing - like sitting on a bus. Glad you got hold of this this morning. Hope camp lifts you higher today.

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Great song! I especially love the last verse. I hope your camp was lots of fun!

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Love the ending of this one and the bridge, its like a lyrical crescendo! Heat tested in fire is the only way I'll learn - that's a nifty way to think of it and a great way to rephrase a trial by fire etc. a good way to take advantage of a skirmish and serendiptiy Wink What pulled me into checking this song was the title. It was a clever use of the bus number #thumbsup

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Cool story, and I like the title. If it were me, I might be looking for ways to bring that train and its number back again one more time at the end?

I like the talking vibe of the vocal, it's perfect for telling this story. I like the idea of songwriting as a form of prayer.

And I like that CAVERNOUS reverb, it's kinda cool for a kind of inside-the-writer's head internal monologue.