Melody Escaping Me

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Melody Escaping Me




Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt 'Melody' that I picked randomly from a Rikki Rooksby songwriting book based on the number 21721. I played the melody line as a riff and improvised on tenor banjo tuned down to mandolin tuning, then on mandolin, the used the banjo for percussion, then improvised a lyric. Oh boy, I'm off to a clunky start this superskirmish.


Melody Escaping Me
Tenor banjo, Mandolin GDAE Chords: G - oo23; C - o23o; D - 2oo2

Melody escaping me

Melody runs far from me into a dream

Melody escaping me into the high notes
Its that melody escaping me

I hear a knocking, it’s trying to get away, and I can’t stop it

Here we go again

Melody escaping me today
Watch it float away
Till theres nothing left to say
No instruments to play

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I really like the melody with the stream of conscious feeling lyric and vocal delivery. Cool chill feel.

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Exactly! Thanks for the skirmish Andy- I think we shared a wavelength.

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First of all, thanks for the prompt! I'm always interested in people's process for writing songs, and I have to say that this one is unique! Congrats on getting the skirmish done.

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I actually love the dischordant nature of all of this with your take on the theme - it makes it feels purposeful and punk. I love to know what 21271 is all about exactly.

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I found the unusual 'melody' and arrangement quite pleasurable. The occasional disjointed sounds reflected well the words, which is how it should be Smile
Great skirmish Smile

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Unusual sound! Interesting instrumentation and repetition makes it strangely mesmerising.

Fuzzy's picture

I really love the shambolic nature of this song as it lurches along on the verge of collapse.
Awesome tracks like this are part of the reason why I like 50/90 so much.
So nice!!
Great work!!