Half Empty

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Half Empty

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: Was paired up with the fabulous Stephen Wordsmith for the random collab, who immediately read my mail and sent me one of the most challenging sets of lyrics I've ever dealt with, both on a personal and musical level. The song consumed me, kept me up at night, I had dreams about it, I randomly just started talking about it in a conversation about something totally unrelated (that was confusing at work!), I couldn't eat, wandered around muttering to myself about it, and on and on. Yeah, it was an experience, but one I'm glad I got the opportunity to take. Definitely one of my favorites! Many deepest and warmest thanks Stephen! Smile

(I should've played with a click. Oh well.)


1. I walked into an empty room
Wandered through the open door
And just like that, the empty room
Was empty no more

2. I thought about my empty head
My inner voice swelled to a roar
And just like that, my empty head
Was empty no more

3. I felt my spirit's gentle pull
What was empty now is full

4. I held in hand an empty glass
One which finest whiskey wet
And just like that, the empty glass
Remained empty yet

5. I thought about my empty heart
A trespass never to forget
And just like that, my empty heart
Remained empty yet

6. My thoughts sat heavy on my brow
What was full is empty now

7. And all I ever hoped to be
Sat halfway to infinity
To vanish or replenish at my will
And all that soon would come to pass
Lay halfway up a hollow glass
For one halfhearted soul to void or fill

8. I thought of my half-empty head
I drew the strength to be strong-willed
And just like that, my half-empty head became half filled

9. I thought of my half-empty heart
Though wounded, it could not be killed
And just like that, my half-empty heart became half filled

10. This glass which halfway empty sat
Is now half full and I'm OK with that

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cindyrella's picture

It may have kept you up, but gosh is it good! Wonderful collab!

barbara's picture

This gave me chillbumps! Very moving exploration on both of your parts. With insomnia like this... well, you still need sleep, but wow.

AndyGetch's picture

Well rip my heart out and watch it beating on the table. This is one of my favorites.

standup's picture

Nice job, A and B parts with no chorus. The series of images -- empty room/head/glass/heart pulls the listener through very well. The melody is strong, and I like how after the climactic verse the intensity drop back down to a more introspective feel, and ends in a way that I can HEAR the narrator at peace.

Mosley's picture

Nice collaboration, introspective piece for sure, I dig the way it grows

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

What an interesting way to express emptiness. And again, your voice and the acoustic guitar fit well together!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Beautiful vocal melody and performance that conveys a mood of half-hopeful resignation. The lyrics are really well-crafted and unique! I really like lines like "All I ever hoped to be/Sat halfway to infinity." Nice collab!

sph's picture

Again what a fine song, both lyric and musicwise.