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The water was nice and warm ...The sand was clean and white
You decided to take a swim...Beneath a clear blue sky
Juliana, Juliana...Now you're in too deep
Juliana, Juliana...You can't give him what he needs

The sun rises in the east...And it sets in the west
The seasons come and go...The years quickly progress
Juliana, Juliana...The future's plain to see
Juliana, Juliana...You can't give him what he needs

A bird is singing in a cage...She sings a bittersweet refrain
He knows she lives and breathes his name
But he can't free her from the pain

Juliana, Juliana...he can't give you what you need
Juliana, Juliana...get up off your knees...he can't give you what you need
Get up off your knees…you can't give him what he needs

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So beautiful. I love the metaphor - in too deep - swimming - relationship.

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I adore the cadence of this song. It really let me imagine the scene better in my minds eye. I defs was imagining strings coming in later on in the very sing-along-able choruses. What a tear-jerker. I'm gonna go get the kleenex now.

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Lovely, poignant, quietly powerful song. You have just the right vocal approach to a song like this.
I love the near rhymes in the lyrics, too. And I would like to have heard more harmonica.

Very nice metaphors in your lyrics. A bittersweet song, reflected literally in your words. Lovely performance. Smile

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Not much I can add to the previous comments - lovely bittersweet song, beautifully delivered. Liked the 'He can't give you what you need' in the last chorus to mirror the first.

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This is lovely, it works beautifully. I love the refrain, it opens up the melody, and you sing it very well. Also, the character Juliana is very vivid, very nice.

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Wow! Beautiful guitar work that sets off your melody so well. Loved the harmonica solo. Great lyrics sung soulfully. I'm a fan of your work!