Cell Phone Ring

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Cell Phone Ring



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Well, what this is, is me migrating systems and doing backup. I found this >2min noodling that became my cell phone "ring". Looks like 07Aug2013.

I just now quickly, simply clipped out the, to much fishing of this one-take. I can't remember, but fairly sure I sampled myself, basic rhythm, and looped (kept piling on one-take samples to a click to loop over and over as a long track) for several minutes and then jammed a one-take, the improvised guitar part over that... --was making "backing" tracks to "jam" to... even in 2013 there weren't that many... there all over now, pushed out to jam to. Nothing like having your own progression. Who makes backing tracks anymore... oh, well Smile

So, figured throw it up since is here now and so is 5090. It's nothing earth shattering, now fast acrobatics... just a slow jam knowing it would be my ring tone and has been since 2013! Smile Hahhh...

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None, just that jam track result.

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I like it. You've got some interesting tones there on the bass and guitar. (All about that bass!) This would be great soundtrack music!

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Well...holding back on me, eh! I like it! May seem a simple thing to you, but it's nothing I have the skill to do and new curiosities about what else you do that I never knew about, Why aren't you doing more of this stuff? Do something like this and overlay with your vocals--at least try it--you may go in places you've not yet ventured? Or...maybe you have...