One Truth

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One Truth




Liner Notes: 

this is a bit of beach boys and dumb blonde- but learning fast Alice


One Truth. Kahlo Lyrics: said take me as your lover
I said at first I'm not so sure
but your passion and tenacity
was more than my no could endure
you came so deep inside my heart
made me confide my desires
I swallowed pride from the start
let you set my body on fire
Prechorus: I lost my wedding ring
to give you everything
and then you said it was never true
that you got a sign about what to do
it was never meant to be me with you
that was what you always felt too
and like black clouds will always burst
you said you're sorry because you knew
from the start that you would hurt...
hurt me someday...
and that proved be true
the one truth...
one truth I got from you said take me as your best friend
I said at first I'm not so sure
but you said fate and destiny
made us soulmates that endure
you promised you would be here
made me think I should trust you
I did all I could to always be there
to do what you needed me to
Prechorus: I lost my dignity
to your false integrity
now I would like to say I am much wiser
I would like to say I have learned a lot
I would like to say you were just the devil
that taught me to cherish what I have got
but I still can't seem say that
when I hope you might come back
that is still where I am at
and that is my one truth...
one truth I give to you

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Dance track. That's cool. I like the way you change your vocal to match the feel of the lyrics. This works.