Worstimus Prime

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Worstimus Prime




Liner Notes: 

A short crash and burn improv that Joe B and I did while Murray was taking a piss. From the Cat Pervs' July 11th practice.
It was actually a shorter track, but I did a little editing to make it about twice as long.

the Catalytic Perverters:
Joe B. - drums
Brian Murray - bass (does not appear on this track)
Ptom plainwhitetoast Djones - guitar

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I like the sound of the drums with the guitar, hit the grunge on the head. Hope you can turn it into a full concept at some point!

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Ha ... love the band name. This is raw and reminds me more of garage rock than grunge, although I can see that as well. Let's get some lyrics and vocals to that!

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Was listening to the jukebox and this guitar drew my attention immediately. I had to come check it out and let you know it was cool.