Foul Play (skirmish)

Foul Play (skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

This was a song skirmish, where you get a title and have an hour to write and record a song
the prompt was 'foul play'.. and you can imagine what direction I went it...

Recorded live on my iPhone, using a dobro (resonator guitar)


Meeting with the Russians to discuss a campaign plot
Foul play
It doesn’t take an Einstein to connect the dots
Foul play
Pardon me while I slip you this little bon mot
It’s always the head of a fish that rots
Someone’s trying to be something that they’re not
Foul play

If anyone else did it they would all scream
Foul play
This is more like a nightmare then a dream
Foul play
Lets hope the investigators are not running out of steam
This is way more serious than some Facebook meme
There’s a sickness running thru this entire regime
Foul play

The smell of impropriety is coming from these walls
Foul play
Sooner or later the sword of justice will fall
Foul play
Its gonna take time as per the protocol
Everyone will be watching, every last eyeball
But it’ll feel so good when he’s met his downfall
Foul play

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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Love the lyrics too and Amen to the last line! Love the music! Great sound with the dobro!!! Plenty of material to write about with politics today and you always do such a great job with topical issues!

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Oh yeah! You did well and the subject is one we can agree on. Love the simple tune-and of course the lyric!

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oh wow! Awesome skirmish in an hour! Lots of fantastic lines on the subject and overall well done! Kudos!

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Some wicked rhyming lyrics there! The head of the fish that rots / bon mot, regime/meme, eyeball/downfall. The Dobro is a great slinky contrast to the lyrics - makes the message go down easy Wink (and AMEN to that message)

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I really like the sound here; the dobro has a great feel! The repetition of the "foul play" line is very effective at driving your point home, and does a very effective job as a repeated musical "base" to ground the song; my ear came to "look forward" to hearing the next repetition.