Reason Four - Mistakes

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Reason Four - Mistakes



Liner Notes: 

A fun up tempo ditty with trombones. Smile And a clarinet solo. And a few mistakes.


Earning ’em
Learning from ‘em
Waiting our turn for ‘em
Doing whatever it takes
Trying to avoid ‘em
Not get annoyed by ‘em
Pretending we don’t have too much at stake
But if we ever intend to try to do something new
We are guaranteed to make

I can tell we’re gonna dwell on
These mistakes

All the errors and the imperfections
Got us feeling like a bunch of fakes
My past your past his past her past
Our memory is flaky
But the future is a piece of cake
If at first we don’t succeed
It’s because we’re guaranteed
We’re guaranteed to make

I can tell we’re gonna dwell on
These mistakes

(take 1, take 2, take 3…)

Can’t you tell we’re gonna dwell on
Our mistakes

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Super fun track! Gotta love the energy in this track. Clarinet is so cool. Whole thing is just great and catchy and all around good.

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Those trombones are a nice surprise! Overall, this has quite a fun vibe, and it sounds like you had fun recording it.

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Love it! That's the story in all my recordings!!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though. Mistakes mean that you're working on new skills!

Great message, great music. I thought there was no such thing as a mistake in jazz. At least I didn't notice any mistakes in your recording.

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Good fun. And yes, that's what I love about events like FAWM and 50/90. They encourage us to work through and learn by making musical mistakes.

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I actually saw this on Soundcloud (well #5) and it reminded me to check out all your stuff. I LOVE when you go gypsy jazz. You have so much fun with language and and your instrumental work is top notch. I can do trumpet and trombone. I wish I could sound good on clarinet. I'm absolute crap, and always have been. This is so energetic and so much fun. I've listened to it twice already!

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I like the guitar. The clarinet solo was great too. I love the take counting during the solo Smile

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"Dwell on these mistakes" Story of my life, right there!
Anyways-- this is wonderfully fun and catchy, nicely done!