Up in Smoke, Down in Flames

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Up in Smoke, Down in Flames




Liner Notes: 

A Tuesday night. A Catalytic Perverters paractice. A song we improvised. Kind of two songs? A song in two parts? The title says it all.

the Catalytic Perverters:
Joe B. - drums
Brian Murray - bass
Ptom plainwhitetoast Djones - guitar

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It'd be one song for me if this started at 1.34. I quite like this!

Nice drumming here, again a cool guitar groove over it as well. I like the change up to a faster jam to!

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Brings up all sort of jamming with the band memories. I think one piece in two parts. It seems to fit. I like how the rhythm section led the transition into the faster bit at the end. A happenstance of good arrangement or intentional?