Ancestor Potties

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Ancestor Potties




Liner Notes: 

Joe B. lost his job and Ancestor Potties are to blame. Sometimes, you just make it up as you go; and we do.

the Catalytic Perverters:
Joe B. - drums and vocals
Brian Murray - bass
Ptom plainwhitetoast Djones - guitar



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I was waiting for the song to begin then I realized it was improv, and hey it was cool to see things just take shape here and it ended up pretty neat as well. Cool to listen to these jams!

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The title is irresistibly intriguing! (As are the liner notes - did Joe B's construction site get closed down by archaeologists? Biggrin ) Very cool improv - I like the way the music gathers energy as it rocks and rolls along.

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How could I skip a song with a title like "Ancestor Potties"??? That is awesome! I must admit I was hoping for some educational lyrics as I am always fascinated by how the ancients handled these issues! But this awesome jam more than made up for the missing info I sought! This is really excellent quality! Nice work!