They Will Never Fall

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They Will Never Fall

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Liner Notes: 

This is an antithesis of a synthesis of an antithesis and its thesis.

The chain goes:
#1 the thesis: AndyGetch - *20863
#2 antithesis: Scubed - *21615
#3 synthesis: colgoo - *21951
#4 antithesis: me

colgoo recorded a lovely ballad of a synthesis, which I listened to on a Monday night. Knowning that Tuesday night was practice with the Catalytic Perverters, I decided that a punk trio was a good stylistic antithesis.

That decided, I figured out the general chord progressions of colgoo's song on Tuesday afternoon (mb). I decided verse chords would be my chorus and chorus my verse. Then I started playing around with the chords in a Cat Pervs appropriate style. I noticed there were some leftover chords from colgoo's song, so I used them to work up a third part for the ending. As I went about arranging the parts, I decided to use an abridged version of the chorus as an intro.

I came up with the title, which the antithesis of colgoo's title "We'll Rise Again"

Tuesday night at practice, we played through a few songs to warm up, then I brought out the notes and we started working on turning them into a song. It took a couple of playthroughs for us to learn it, and about eight takes total. The recording is the fifth take, actually.

I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals on Wednesday morning. A song about how nothing will change until we stop playing king of the hill. They are not an exact antithesis of colgoo's lyric, but more of an antithetical sentiment.

I'm not super happy with the mix, but the song is written and has been recorded. Done for now!

the Catalytic Perverters:
Joe B. - drums
Brian Murray - bass
Ptom plainwhitetoast Djones - guitar and vocals


The price of peace is eternal vigilance
vigilantes don't trust the balance
Democracies are caving in from their correctness
No privacy. Privacy is dead.

They will never fall
Unless we push them over
They will never fall
Until we stop supporting
They will never fall
Unless we, unless we trip them
They will never fall
Until we...

Stand up and breathe, aware of where we're standing
Don't step on me. You'd better step off.
Unbridled greed, me me me and gimme gimme
Disingenuosity and hidden agendas

They will never fall
Unless we push them over
They will never fall
Until we stop supporting
They will never fall
Unless we, unless we trip them
They will never fall
Until we rise

When the hill is taken and the problem is dead and cold
We will claim it for our own and raise our flags up tall
Eternal vigilance and they will never fall
They will never fall
They will never fall!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Way to turn things around! I see what you did here! Musically, I can't think of many other genres that meet antithesis of my stylings more than what you put into this! Lyrically, you definitely stood mine up on end and then twisted and pulled on them a bit!

I also think that because you did such a great anti- song, you've left some interesting wiggle room for the next artist to synthesize the two. Can't wait to hear what the next artist will do!

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Holy cow! Truly an antithesis!!! Love the driving angry punk hard rock feel and the pointed angry lyrics! Well done!

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great Anti to colgoo's song. love the punky energy. I like the simultaneously hopeless/hopeful chorus - "unless/until". Great to have a real band performance. After being initially daunted by the hugeness of where the synthesis of this and the previous song wad leading me, I enjoyed working with them both. Nicely played Smile

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Great antithesis to @colgoo's song, both musically and lyrically! I really like the angry energy you've created. Nice work!

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Yes, this is certainly the antithesis, love where it took you nice vocal and rhythm on this!

Yeah anarchy in your Anti! I am working my way down the chain now I have written mine - yours works funnily enough as an anti to mine too. Definitely a running theme in this aunti sin!

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I'm working my way backward through the chain. It's fun to see the turns it has taken. Love the drive and energy of this. Fun to hear a band recording.

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Nice Anti-song Tom!! The live punk rock sound is a great general antithesis to @colgoo 's folk setting, and you guys nailed this demo. The mix is actually pretty great in my ear, especially for a live take.