It's Hard to Dance

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It's Hard to Dance



Liner Notes: 

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OK - see the first two songs posted here for "granular" liner notes, -- not gonna keep re-pasting it, (if interested).

Again, this/these is/are all going to be a one-take krappey cell phone recordings. *Some may come from an Audacity upload, as time goes on here..., --pending how my Linux Mint 18.1 migration is going. Frankly, the phones as good or better +- :). Linux and Audacity seem to be getting along... so we'll see.

-- This was a one-take, however, of course as you can hear..., and with this one too, I was acclimating to audacity on Linux as previously commented, --so ad hoc I doubled the track, eq'd it for separation, presence as well as I know how with this kind of track.

-- You'll hear may hear other in the room, phone, etc. go off, "whistle" -- I'm OK with it, it's a one-take. (One day it was birds in the yard... Smile )

Song book notes:
None for this one... I think I was thinking about "authentic" people, or not authentic, etc. and all the present day stuff we all have going on in our lives.

And again, remember, --I don't clean up my lyrics, it's notes and all, so, figure it out! Smile


Am s e ^ F s f [v-E s e]
It's hard to dance..., with a swivel in your head
Am E
Can't take a stance..., and believe in your regs
F s f C s e
A table fence can't keep me out
Em Am /// F Am G ////
Your martial prance freaks me now

Am s e F s f
You’re looking for heaven..., in easy pop, -cans
Am E
Promised to you by every..., every preacher man
/F s f /C s e
Today's …, spiritual throm… bo - sis
Em Am /// F Am G ////
Far worse than striking plan Moses

Am F
So many today..., menace their peers
Am E
Not understanding…, how they themselves steer
F s f C s e
forcing left right turns on mountain creek tears
Em Am /// e c F Am G ////
Causing light-bright-burns…, on fountains of... green spears

Am [driving strum, 8th’s]
I’ll not dance that man - tel
I won't chance, God's pe - ril
i pay cash for my nation
No one hammers wood on steel [sing as: wooden steel]
G / / / /
Wood supports its weight
But, won't take its bea… … ting
Ah it’s beating
Heart is beating
Yes it’s beating
D s-d / / / / G / [end, as “beating”, played]
Ah … Beating …

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This sounds gritty and great, Nut. I love that line, looking for Heaven in easy pop cans! Wish I had wrote that. LOL

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You've got some great lines here. Particularly "You're looking for heaven in easy pop cans, promised to you by....". Way to go! Hitting on a topic that really needs to be addressed as ithat sort of mindset sets up a believer for disappointment and confusion. Oh! You opened up a can there! Par of me wants you to dig in more, but I'm getting your lyrical methods on this one. Thought provoking! Now for the hard stuff--the strum, the melody--familiar and not particularly serving the intensity in your great lines. Experiment! Take some chances--stretch!!!

You have some very interesting lyrics here. Swivels on head, and a "martial prance" that freaks you out... Very catchy in an almost humorous way. I don't think you're trying to be funny by the way you're performing the song, but reading those words by themselves - it kinda makes me laugh inside. Hope you're having a good day! Smile

Hey @iHelen -- yes! It's intended humor, of a kind! Smile Glad you got that...

Like many things, it may be humorous since, possibly shouldn't be, and that's why it's funny, so to speak.

I wish I could do more satire within "serious" (?) so to speak, lyric.

Well, there's always a standard R&B-ism...,
"My baby's gone 'n left me..., but still got the cadillac" ... Wink

-- Thanks for having a listen and commenting!