Songsmith Remember Harry Nilsson

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Songsmith Remember Harry Nilsson



Liner Notes: 

08/15/17 EDIT: As noted below in the comments the original songwriters are Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger. I had that album but forgot. I edited these notes to reflect that.

A Songskirmish webpage prompt by @Acousticmaddie to write a song based on the cover singer in the video in this post #more-1378"></a> . I watched the video and had a WTH? moment. It wrankled me that the original song has far less youtube views that the misheard-words-covers in the song prompt. Of course neither version mentions the songwriters or Harry Nilsson in the video or text posting. My guess is Instead I turned the write into a sort-of morph/tribute/parody of the Harry Nilsson song 'Without You' as the structure basis.


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Songsmith Remember Harry Nilsson

Verse 1
Well I want to write like Harry
and I’m no Mariah Carey
My octave range is limited to one
But I perform my songs just because it’s fun
Because it’s fun

Verse 2
Well I get get stuck on a plateau
When I write I have to borrow
Once I had a dream but then I let it go
Folks wave and smile but all the while only I know
Only I know

Song smith remember Harry Nilsson
Song smith songsmith write some more
Song smith remember Harry Nilsson
Song smith songsmith write some more, or or

Repeat verse 1

Repeat chorus

Instrumental verse outro

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I dig songwriting songs, and I like the shaker/guitar combo!

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Nice homage to the song! Also, I would like to write like Harry. Or even like Badfinger, who I think actually wrote this one? But whatever. Fun skirmish track. I'll be back on the skirmish rails this week!

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I'm old enough to remember Harry Nilsson's versions being on the charts. BTW, don't go by 'how many youtube views' something has- Harry Nilsson's version of this song was #1 in the US charts for four weeks. (I didn't even know maria carey covered it, in fact). And yes, while Harry wrote many great songs ('One', 'me and my arrow', 'Coconut') this song (without you) was indeed written by two members of the band Badfinger.
Great idea for a song here, tho- and i think it'd be even more effective (if you want to do more with it) if you liberated it from the 'parody of x' genre and just gave it its own music... glad you remembered the great harry nilsson tho, he does deserve remembering! and congrats for putting this together for a skirmish too!

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Harry is the best! Harry was such a prolific and witty songwriter, it is a shame that his two best hits were covers (Without You and Everybody's Talkin'). Indeed Without You was written by Badfinger, the first group to be signed by the Beatles' Apple label. The two men who wrote the song both committed suicide, that's a sad story. But great you're writing about Harry, he would have loved it!