Must Be the Rain

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Must Be the Rain



Liner Notes: 

The other night we were camping in our trailer when a torrential downpour hit. A friend posted on Facebook that she was really missing lost loved ones that evening-- must be the rain.
45 minutes later with my trusty uke and this song arrived.

The link above should lead to a video on google drive. I've tried to upload an mp3 but I'm having no luck getting it linked up. You can find it at:


Must Be the Rain
(c) Sean McGaughey July 16, 2017

slow Minor Blues (ish) in Bm
6/8|| D | Dsus | D | D |
{Bm | Bm | D | D |} x3
|E7 | E7 | G7 | G7 |
| D | Dsus | D | D || (Repeat as needed)

Clouds on the Horizon, Storms rolling in.
It creeps into me, I withdraw within
That's when I remember, the cause of my pain
I will never be with you (again), Must be the Rain

Days when the sun shines, I'm carrying on
I hardly notice the radio playing your favorite song.
I swear I can hear you, hum the refrain
But you're not here (anymore), must be the rain.

Must be the Rain, it echoes my tears
They've dried on the outside, but I'll keep them for years
Just when I was through crying, It's Happening again
Thought I was over losing you, Must be the rain (x3)

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Well done.

The link is to a picture not words or recording... is that correct?

ANyway, reads well, great work!

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I love that title line melody and how you sing it. This is a solid write and a good first song.

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I really like the chord progression you've come up with here and the overall tune and words paint an exquisite picture. Hope you come back and write more!