Summer Night So Sweet

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Summer Night So Sweet



Liner Notes: 

I've already recorded a few songs outdoors this 50/90 - I have a nice front porch for it. I was idly picking as I watched a baseball game, and I figured I should go outside and capture it before I forgot it.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Ah summer night and perfect to go with it! Very sweet and memorable.

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I like how there's lots of energy here (even in the slower moments), but it still has a very rustic feel. Great job capturing the atmosphere of a summer night, when possibilities seem so wide open.

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Very nice soft tune, love the outdoors sound. Creates a harmony within. Great mindfulness created here

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The song has a nice feel to it and it's very relaxing to listen to it. I like how the guitar dances around here and there....and the outdoors is very much a nice added presence. Very authentic.

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I just love porch songs. Might be one of my fave genres. Such a beautiful player, tasteful, backing-up the background. Peace.

Oh those summer sounds, I like the feel of this track. Solid composition, that riff at 0:38 is way cool. Very enjoyable!

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This is the best kind of magic. Grab it as it happens before it fades away.