Start a Fire With You

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Start a Fire With You




Liner Notes: 

Colleen: On July 6, I came across these lyrics and Doug graciously agreed to let me turn them into a song. Yay! Now that I am back at home, I have better opportunities to record than surrounded by family members at reunions! Hope you enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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I am happy these two came together! Nice guitar, lyrics, and vocals. Super collab!

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You did great justice to these lyrics! I like the contrast between the angry sounding verses and happy sounding chorus, and the imagery in the lyrics in awesome. You convey the desperation in the lyrics very well. Great work, you two!

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I love the words in this song as their is an emotional honesty and insight. The music is perfect as it flows with a tenderness and understanding that fits the sentiment.

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Colleen, you've done a super job here. The music is wonderful and captures the mood of the lyric and your vocals are beautiful. I'm so happy you asked to do this!

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I knew this was a good fit, nice job giving this great lyric a melody, nice rhythm and sing on this, enjoyed it!

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This is great you two!! It has that quality of bringing the listener immediately in tune with the song and sentiment. The little breath pause after the final 'only thing I want is to...' before 'start a fire... ' is perfectly timed! As a harmony singer, I immediately pick out a harmony vocal for that line. Beautiful and well crafted melody, Colleen. I love the imagery in this lyric, Doug. --- At our wedding, my wife and I had a big beach fire with a bunch of old friends and family as our 'rehearsal dinner' Smile ... the thing I miss the most by living in the mountains is a view of the ocean... Anyway, there is nothing like a beach fire, and sharing it with someone you love... I appreciate the longing in this lyric.

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What a great collaboration! Colleen has done a beautiful job of bringing Doug's great lyric to life. Really nice work, you two!

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I'm listening a second time - what a fine interpretation of these words! Captures the longing and bittersweetness of the lyrics - touching performance.

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Couldn't agree more, Chip! Colleen's music and singing are spot on.

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Very intentionally warming song; great sentiment and metaphor to want to start a fire with another person. Wonderful execution of the lyrics with a lilting vocal and gentle acoustic guitar. I really enjoy the way the three repetitions of "The only thing I want", especially the 3rd one where the vocal drops low. Nicely done.

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Beautifully sung lyrics that express the love contained within. Enjoyed my listen, as memories of fire danced in my head.

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Created a nice ambiance. As always lyrics are amazing!