Reason Three - Fade

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Reason Three - Fade



Liner Notes: 

Wrote this late last night and recorded a scratch track for guitar and background vox with my laptop... in the spirit of 50/90, I've just used those rough drafts and recorded a lead vocal take over top.


Fade to grey
Why do you got to get so stuck in the past
Grey and faded
When there’s nothing you can do to change it

You could be
You could be my smart phone screen
I could be
Looking at you
Looking at you

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Lovely guitar! Nice job on the vocals, too. Really enjoyed this! Lots of emotion! Keep up the good work.

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Gorgeous guitar playing and the lyrics are simple but the melody is decadent. I really do enjoy listening to your music.

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Fantastic guitar - absolutely gorgeous! A lovely stage for your gorgeous emotional vocals - nice layers and harmonies and falsetto. I love the simplicity in the lyrics that deliver a strong melancholy message!

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I love the simplicity of this. "Fade to grey"..."Grey and faded" is so clever. I could listen to this every night at bedtime! Your guitar on this is seductive. Beautiful!

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Beautifully played - good call on using the scratch track, this has a lovely intimacy to it and is a great example of "less is more"!

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Deceptively simple lyric with nice vocals and wonderful guitar.

Beautiful guitar playing and clear, resonant vocals. This song is a great one on which to end (for now). I'll be back to listen to more of your wonderful songs. Smile

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More incredibly beautiful work! The classical guitar playing is so lush and resonant. The melody goes in unexpected directions which is always pleasing. And that long note!