Can Lightning Strike Again?

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Can Lightning Strike Again?



Liner Notes: 

This is the storycube challenge. My cubes came out: lightning, pyramid (tomb), lock, house and two people fighting.

The first thing that came to mind was my oldest brother's divorce eight years ago. This is his story, and I hope I've been fair to both parties.

They were the kind of couple that I would watch all the adversity heaped upon them and think, "If they can make their marriage work, anyone can." But, eventually, she left him for another man. He started dating and then, she wanted him back. But it was too late!


1. I came home to find the locks all changed.
You've been acting a wee bit strange.
For six months now, you've shut me out.
I sit down to talk; you leave the room.
Our home has become a tomb.
You won't tell me what it's about

Where once we had electricity,
Now it's just a mystery.

Can lightning strike again?
Can we find a piece of heav'n?
Or, are we fated to fail?
Staying together is hell.

2. Car accident our wedding night
Gave us an awful fright;
The hospital was our honeymoon.
No insurance to pay our debt.
I worked three jobs; stayed in the red.
The bills so large, it changed our tune.

Our young love, built on hopes and dreams,
Scattered to ruins, it seems.


3. Now's my birthday. My things on porch.
I find your note demands divorce.
I've tried my best to provide and please.
Over 20 years, we've struggled and fought
To save a marriage destined for naught
Raising three kids with special needs.

You say there's no electricity.
Look at our history!


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Good one, I like the story here and how you've connected it to the storycube ideas. Nice melody and I like the high bits as well, enjoyable listen!

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You did great with your story cube and tell such a good story! Loved my listen.

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i love the way you weave little details into the narrative that make it true to life. There is none of the artificiaity that storytelling seems to demand. it moves with the currents of real life.

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A sad and *real* story, told succinctly but with real empathy and sympathy that helps us, as listeners, to feel the crushing weight of all the burdens stacked against this family. The guitar and vocals are lovely, but perhaps most compelling is all the genuine heart on display.

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Wow! That's a very sad song. Well written and I like the electricity/lightning metaphor running through it.

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I really think the first two sentences of your chorus is absolutely stand-out here, the way it's delivered with passion, it sits well in your register and the chord changes are a good hook. The story is really well told, cohesive. Poor kids were not given a very fair deal at life. Sad

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Well done on using the storycube roll. Your high vocal has a lovely gentleness to it!