Advice for nieces & nephews (don't be an a**)

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Advice for nieces & nephews (don't be an a**)




Liner Notes: 

The idea for this actually did come out of a conversation.. tho I'll point out that I have several nieces and nephews and none of them are even remotely 'a**holes' in any way! (they're all great kids/young adults)

anyway, a quick iPhone recorded demo of this....

marked NSFW tho the semi-title phrase is not that much of a 'bad' word, is it?


You'll hear your parents give advice in a never-ending stream
Understandably some fraction you'll ignore
But being an Uncle, I'm in a different position
Though at risk I know of being a bore

Don't be an asshole I must insist it's true
don't be an asshole my best advice to you

It may sound somewhat vague but here's my intent
First don't presume you know it all
The temptation at your age is to say "got it figured out"
That may work now but not so much in the long-haul.

Here's a few examples of what I talk about
Don't fall for stereotypes or easy solutions
Idealism's good but compassion is even better
Incremental change more common than revolution

There so much that you've learned but so much to learn as well
It's a process that won't end at 26
The more I live the less I know with youthful certainty
About love and life and even politics

© M. Skliar

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Ha ha, yes the best advice in life is really as simple as this isn't it. Awesome guitar playing, really cool feel with lots of details. Good singing to this a fun song, well done!

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That's goooood advice. That's pretty much the only thing I want from nieces and nephews too. Well that and to think for themselves. Fun groove on the guitar. I love your sing along chorus at the end. Everyyone wants to sing "don't be an asshole." When you play this live, you'll have to a few more repeats of that, so people can have fun singing to their friends to not be an asshole.

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Good advice! And great idea for a song-enjoyed this one!

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Some great avuncular wisdom in and between those direct and exuberant choruses. It's catchy as hell too. This song's a keeper for sure - hope you get a chance to play this one out!

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Solid life advice. "The more I live, the less I know"....yep, hear you on that! I also particularly liked the line about incremental change. It's a funny song, but there's also quite a lot of wisdom in there.