I'm Solo

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I'm Solo



Liner Notes: 

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OK - see the first two songs posted here for "granular" liner notes, -- not gonna keep re-pasting it, (if interested).

Again, this/these is/are all going to be a one-take krappey cell phone recordings. Some may come from an Audacity upload, --pending how my Linux Mint 18.1 migration is going. Frankly, the phones as good or better +- :). Linux and Audacity seem to be getting along... so we'll see.

-- This was a one-take, however, of course as you can hear..., I was acclimating to audacity on Linux as previously commented, --so ad hoc overdubbed a guitar sitting near by on-hand. No percussion on this one. Smile

-- You'll hear my phone go off, "whistle" -- I'm OK with it, it's a one-take. (Yesterday it was birds in the yard... Smile )

Song book notes:
Words, from notes found with other songs, circa 4-11-15, just now finished, and with music et al.

Remember, --I don't clean up my lyrics, it's notes and all, so, figure it out! Smile


D-f# C-g sus ////
My life it…, leaves me
F-f Am-e
Never coming back
Em-e G-d sus ////
I’m, so… lo… (solo)

D C sus ////
Lord please, don’t for…sake… me
F Am
My soul is cracked and
Em-e G-d sus ////
I’m, so… lo… (solo)

That perch there, it, won’t…, take me
F Am
Not allowed in
Em-e G-d sus ////
I’m, so… lo… (solo)

F (hi-a) Am (hi-a)
I just know if you … take… me…
Your Three is me…
G-g, f, d
And not…, so… lo… (solo) (3x)

Em F
40,000 pew denominations
40,000 pew litur-gies
40,000 man made notions

Am Em G-g, f. d
And I’m so… lo… [3x]

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Wow, this is a good recording for being a cell phone recording. Impressive. I like the melodies and chord progression you created. This is a lovely song! I can hear hear this song being played at an open-mic or something. Great job Smile

Cool stuff, the chord progression is neat and I like the leads on the track as well. Solid melody and performance as well, enjoyable listen!

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Genius double meaning! Kudos! That's a good one! Identifiable and has multiple ways it could be interpreted. I actually listened to this earlier in the day, but wasn't in a commenting mood, so have to listen again to give auditory impressions, but seems i liked it on first listen. I just haven't broken down the what's, ifs and how's yet.

To me, this song rhythm and melody sounds more upbeat than some of your previous ones. It's an interesting contrast to the lyrics, where the "soul is cracked." When I first heard this one, I thought of your "Black ink hole" song with the drawn out "roe", matching the "solo" here. Guess that's what happens when I'm catching up and listening to a bunch of your work together. Smile