Life is a book or a burden

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Life is a book or a burden




Verse 1:

Child, it takes some time
till you know who you are
Child, years will just fly by
You’ll be lost and you’ll be fou


Life is a book or a burden
God fills the pages we turn them
Keep on walking when it’s hurting
Cause time can heal wounds when it’s burning

Verse 2:
We all long in our heart
For a place to call home
Time is a fleeting friend
And clocks are always ticking on

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This is so pretty. The light instrumentation is a wonderful backing for your lovely vocal. Such incredible lyrics. I love this!

Nice track, well performed and with good instrumentation. Little amount of lyrics but very effective!

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I like the sentiment, I love watching other people's children grow up and guess where they are headed. Pretty song, and I especially like the lines "it takes some time to know who you are", and I think it's important to see that in yourself and others.

Nice R&B sound (for me anyway), nicely orchestrated, well put together.

I like the added strings, I guess violin, could be cello (which I love, haven't played mine in like 2 years now... wow, time files! ... so many things to do and keep up with).

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Wow - what a beautiful song! I love that refrain! ReLly lovely!

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Very nice message for a young one and a lovely delivery.