If you need me I'll probably be lost somewhere inside the Bermuda Triangle

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If you need me I'll probably be lost somewhere inside the Bermuda Triangle


Liner Notes: 

I used the method of automatic writing for the lyrics of this one, and wrote the guitar parts as I was recording it. This was written with the guitar tuning of DGDGAD.


It's nothing really real, not compared to other things
More an ephemeral thought than soil and wringing hands
I like signs but I don't understand flags
My signs and my signifiers are my own

I am not beholden to circumstances beyond my creation
There isn't a place here for the likes of me

If you need me I'll probably be lost somewhere inside the Bermuda Triangle
Or turning into a ball of gas on Neptune
Or in a tiny one bedroomed flat in a broken English town

Until the bombs fall
Until the seas rise
(until the death of us all)

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Great music! The idea of being lost in the Bermuda Triangle is a little funny and a little intriguing. Nice!

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felt a bit Pink Floydy. I really enjoyed the accompaniment of the guitars with that keyboard sound (reminded me of Tingsha tones?)

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Excellent lyrics. I agree with the above Floyd comparison which is pretty cool. Much better than being compared to Bon Jovi. Very laid back and trippy stuff. I like the way the pick scrapes across those strings at times. Good work mate.

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Love the acoustic atmosphere and those chiming high notes. Really mysterious, evocative lyric.

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Very cool setting and delivered sensible and a bit ghostlike. Nice dark touch

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Love it Simon! I agree also about the nod toward Pink Floyd, which is never a bad thing... I wonder if people who get lost in the Bermuda Triangle eventually end up on the Dark Side of the Moon. LOL

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This is part of the reason why I love 50/90; the unusual experiments people undertake.
It's like magic; the automatic writing lyrics, the guitar part created on the spot, it all comes together to create this piece of music that did not exist before.
Good for you for letting the Muse use you as its vehicle.

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The Bermuda Triangle? I thought that disappeared in the 1990s and was now only seen on repeats of TV programs about "the mysterious and unexplained" Wink
I like the picked guitars

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The idea of the Bermuda Triangle as an epicentre of paranormal activity has been quite well debunked over the recent years. Therefore someone saying they can't help you or be with you because they're lost somewhere inside it is making *really* lame excuses. That's the point of the that line. It's criticising people who don't come through for you when you really need them.