My Next Road

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My Next Road


Liner Notes: 

I love the Wizard of Oz and hate to think how many times I have watched that movie so I decided to use it in a song. Needs music and vocals


My Next Road
© 2017 Cindy Prince

I feel like Dorothy
Asking the scarecrow
Which way do I go?

I feel confused
They’re both yellow brick
How will I know?

I feel like the tin man
Not able to move
Cause I’m rusted in place

I feel like the lion
I’ve lost all my courage
Gotta find my new space

I keep pretending
Instead of mending us
I keep hoping
Desperately groping for
The unattainable
It’s past the saving
So I must start paving
My next road

I feel like the horses
Of bright different colors
Changing so fast

I feel like the wizard
Hiding behind the curtain
Clinging to the past

Repeat chorus

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Great write. I love the Wizard of Oz books! Great song about the fear of uncertainty. Very relatable.

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You've incorporated the elements of the tale well - they just feel like they fit. The way you've broken up the sentences in the chorus is quite exciting in the way they lead you on to the next line, and some adventurous polysyllabic rhymes are used, too. Nice.

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I also love the wizard of OZ, forced my kids to watch the old version some months ago with alltodays special effects they usually see today they were not very impressed

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you've projected the fear/weakness of each character in the film onto the individual in the lyric and produced a fine story here.