Reason One - Expectations

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Reason One - Expectations



Liner Notes: 

Forgive the late start this year folks. Smile

Here is a snappy sing-a-long followed by a canon where I dust off a bunch of instruments... they each get one time through.

Oh, and a acoustic guitar improv to start.


Hey now you just got started
Lighten up on yourself
Learn to be patient
Anything worth anything is worth the wait

Don’t expect such quick results
It’s gonna take
A long long time until
Your soul knows where you ought to go
Until your soul knows where you ought to go

It takes a long time to get to know somebody
It takes a really long time to get to know yourself
And just when you think you got it figured out
Everybody changes
Everybody changes so

Don’t expect such quick results
It’s gonna take
A long long time until
Your soul knows where you ought to go
Until your soul knows where you ought to go

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What a great response to the week two challenge!

Really great lines in your lyrics, full of wisdom. And you amaze me with your musical abilities.

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Hi Izaak! This is so upbeat, I really felt like dancing and swaying. Are you plucking a cello? The mix is really nice with those finger snaps, and of course the trumpets.
Keep up the creative wave my friend!

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Smile Yes, I'm plucking both cello and double bass... Can't get enough bass clef instruments!

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It's so nice to hear you again! Nice tone on that trumpet. I have to take the mute out so I can get a better tone, but I'm worried about my neighbors. I love this song. The lyrics are fantastic. It's got a bit of a 60s feel to it. Love the upright bass, and the trombone and violin etc. So impressed with your part writing. Pretty much I like everything about it.

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Great start! This is so charming. Love the style, with the instruments coming in and dropping out and each doing their thing. The lyric is sweet and fun. Made me smile!

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Sweet starting song, love how you paraded the instruments getting a dust off with a canon. lovely sentiments and lovely style

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Great! Cheers to using a lot of instruments. I may be missing something, but I don't normally hear a lot of songs with horns in these challenges. Have a great FAWM!

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Really like how you leave space for everything, it also sounds as a primer on taking up anything Lol I would have ended it with a grand finale, probably accelerandos! Lol

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Really fun listen ... love the acoustic bass and all the various instruments ... vocals are sweet, particularly on the harmonized part! Really laid back and summery. Nice!

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Such a winsome song; lovin' all the instruments so nicely blended.Great lyrics and casual but snappy melodies. Nice!

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That trumpet really takes center stage in this one. I like it. Smile Sage advice in your lyrics. Nice, happy feel to it, and encouraging to hear. Thank you. Smile

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Went back to listen to this #1 of the series. This was a lot of fun. It would be cool to watch a group play it live. Big sing along on the chorus...