Dust of the Earth

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Dust of the Earth



Liner Notes: 

I'm not sure if this is an original tune. It feels like a traditional gospel tune....so I may need to change it later. As someone from church once asked me, "when do you know that your song is unique enough to call it your own?" I have no answer for that. It seems that all music builds on historical foundations.

I can't even take credit for the lyrics, as they are inspired by scriptural references. We all have moments where we realize our insignificance in the master plan of the universe. But, to one person, you can reflect God's love and power.

So all I can really offer you is my own unique voice as recorded here for your listening pleasure.


1. I am lower, lower, lower than the dust of the earth. (2x)
To dust I shall go, From dust was my birth.
Who am I to judge another's worth?

2. I am tiny, tiny, tiny--like the sands on the sea. (2x)
So vast is time and space it makes me look puny.
Even so, God listens to me.

3. Are we not all beggars waiting for a handout? (2x)
If we've got no money, let's find another route:
Give praise, sing and shout!

Repeat first verse.

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This is a classic song structure, and works well in the folk idiom. I love how you dropped the guitar for the a cappella refrain of the opening verse. I can sense the gospel backbeat because your performance is so tight rhythmically. Fun tune!

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This has an old time gospel sound to it, and words do seem to reference scripture. I love the line; Who am I to judge another's worth?

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Nice old time gospel feeling you got going. I really like the first two verses but the last seems a little forced or out of place. Over all a nice song tough.

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Some excellent gospel singing here. The meolody might b traditional and the lyrc scriptural, but you bring a contemporary individuality to both the song and performance. Puts me in mind of Iris Dement's album of the gospel songs her grandmother used to song to her.

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Vey nice song, great intro. Cool work LIke the repetitive intro of each section.

I woudn't niche it in any genre... well done. I could take this and drop in overdriven guitars with heavy drum kit ala Apocalyptica - cellos.

As far as "if your own"... well, maybe that's what liner notes are for... crediting what you may be concerned with, too. Here, in this, and I've heard many hymns, spirituals, I feel the Holy Spirit gave you, your own here. But, it's always good to thank the Lord no matter what...! Smile

Great work.

I'm gonna revisit this song when I have time, it has a real "something" to it.

Great work, good for you!

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colgoo-- it does feel like a classic gospel tune, which means you've hit your mark, songwriting wise. However, it's not evoking any specific tune, just the idiom. So nicely done! Enjoyed the song.