Grandma's Vacation To Cuba

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Grandma's Vacation To Cuba

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I watched a few episodes of the 8 part Netflix documentary on Cuba and grabbed the first issue of Snot Girl when I wrote the lyrics.


My nose runs across the floor, sinuses thinking of gorilla war
Ooh the tissue box, oh the rotten socks
In your mouth if you back talk me, too bad if you gotta go pee
Ooh in the bush, don't you seat your tush

I never promised anything, I fly my jet with no wings
Join me but don't you cling, in key if you wanna sing

Pink slippers skater race, spaghetti is my favorite taste
Ooh no tears, I'll love you anyhow
But if you make her cooking waste, my next plate will be your face
Ooh my meatball sub, rub a dub dub dub dub

I don't really care, I don't know what's fair
Sauce is in the air, I don't look anywhere

Right on time can't spare a dime, no reason or rhyme
Ooh my parking meter, oh my grand theater
Loosen up sweet monkey cakes, I don't really hate your face
But don't you leave me, I need all you see

I never promised anything, I fly my jet with no wings
Join me but don't you cling, in key if you wanna sing

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got a very dead kennedys/cali skate punk vibe. The solo was a highlight, loved the imagery. MORE COWBELL!

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Great title ... I live near Miami, so I can appreciate it. I like the stream-of-consciousness lyrics and when you say "sing along" to no one in particular (and "tell them!" to yourself). Fab old-school guitar solo and melodic bridge. Enjoyed!

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My allergies are exactly like this!!! I'd never thought to compare my sinuses to guerilla warriors, but they really do love to fight! Dust mites, pollen, body goes into overdrive.

Love your cowbell at the end!

Poor grandma! What a miserable vacation for her.

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"Sweet monkey cakes" is my new favourite term of endearment. I love this song cus it can kinda be whatever you want it to be... It's a great punk anthem and the images are all awesome. It's very Zappa. If Zappa was punk.

It reminds me of a local band I know: they're wicked experimental and all their fans are 17 and wear weird ill-fitting clothes (because at 17 you can do that and still look hot), and last time I went to one of their gigs, it had to be stopped halfway through because the dancing was making the whole floor bounce up and down and the people in the bar downstairs were terrified.

I can definitely imagine hot 17 year olds in weird clothes dancing hard enough to this to break a floor.

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Haha! So fun. You are refreshingly un-uptight about your music. I gotta learn from that. Great rock sound. Go forth!