Om Tat Sat

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Om Tat Sat



Liner Notes: 

Yesterday, I performed this song for two of the yoga classes I taught. Before I began playing and singing, I explained what the mantra means.
In the morning, I played sort of a reggae version, and in the evening more of a folkie one. So I included parts of both here.


Om Tat Sat
It's all good, so good

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Well this song sure lets us lyricists realize how little we're needed! LOL
I love how you add a simple melody and very few words, yet the song sounds totally complete... and relaxing.

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om tat sat. I've never heard it performed like this, was a nice change. I'm not sure if this version(s) would put me into a meditative state, felt more like a sunny perk up! Maybe thats what makes good yoga?

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Wonderfully minimalist lyric speaks volumes given the significance of om tat sat. I have never meditated with music like this, it would make me smile! Nice!