Not Yours - Run Faster

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Not Yours - Run Faster



Liner Notes: 

I had fun with this one, it's in a style I've never tried before. Kind of came out Jazzy, and I had fun making a change up. Believe it not this song was *longer* but I had to make some edits!

Thanks for listening, love any feedback! Biggrin

Release date:
17 July 2017
© 2017 Joe McCullough / Your Average Joe Under Exclusive License To McCullough Music


I’m from another time
“You and I” just don’t rhyme
Take it easy, come on go slow
But you won’t… no, no you…

I won’t do
I’m not for you
I’m not here
To be your “dear”

No I’m not

I’ve said it before, I am my own
You’ve heard it I’m sure, all those times on the phone
We took two paths, so we could find our own way
You refused to go, away

And I said to you

“Make your own way.”

But you, but you…

I moved to another place
And yet you still, wish to see my face
I called up, all of your old friends
Asking them please, help to make this end
Make this end

I’m not yours
That’s a closed door

I’m not

I looked in my mirror one day, and who did I see?
You were in my mirror, running down after me!
I’d run faster, I run faster, I run faster, I run faster

Chasing after me.

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Too funny because I first thought it the title was "Not Yours, Run Easter"! This is pretty good and faster is a much better word for the song. Biggrin

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I liked it. Nice syncopation on the drums. Good lyrics. Still enjoy your voice.

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The feel of the music works nicely with the lyrics. Nice contrast between the rather driving feel of the drums and the lighter, more smooth feel of the vocals and keyboards. It's almost like different personalities interacting so it's very fitting. The tempo change was a surprise but a nice one. Enjoyed my listen Smile