Hidden Light

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Hidden Light



Liner Notes: 

The title is very much a working title. This is basically about finding an interesting solution to a problem. Then again, isn't everything in life? Maybe this is more about that moment when you find something potentially cool. Like the first glimpse of hope. So in a way it's probably really about self-deceit at least to some extent, but then again, isn't everything in life? So deep...

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Love the sound on your guitar work, and the playing is fantastic! Cool ending too, creepy and awesome.

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You have a fantastic driving beat on this! You built up the dynamics very well. Nice playing!

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I listened with the liner notes in mind and got myself thinking of the call and response concept in music. But that aside, this is effing cool and pretty rich, lots going on.

There's a ton of stuff going on in your music here. Even more so when you explain your thought process in your notes. The drums in particular stand out to me - they really caught my attention as if they were trying to communicate.

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Interesting harmonies going on between the guitars in the intro, very good and solid guitar playing throughout. I'm not that familiar with the metal scene after my teen years (mid 90's), but this song makes me think of Amorphis, Megadeth and some of the guitar dissonace reminds me a bit of the norwegian band Ved Buens Ende.
Cool track, keep it interesting and enganging throughout the whole song.