You Lie To Me Best

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You Lie To Me Best




Liner Notes: 

Colleen: I was really moved by the lyrics, written by Arthur Rossi on July 6. He gladly accepted my offer to set them to my styling. This song speaks to me beyond just a romantic relationship. The best lies are often unspoken....those lies of omission that happen when others conceal facts or avoid confrontation because they're trying to "protect" the other person. However, the truth will come out and lies prevent intimacy, creating distance. To share that, I put in pauses and space in my tune. Enjoy!

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Great job, both of you! A few times your voice gave me shivers, the emotional delivery was great.

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I like this. I wish I could hear your voice better, as I think it's really good! Keep up the good work!

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This is really wonderful. I love the nuances style and tender style of your vocal delivery of the melody. There is a vulnerability and emotional quality that works so well with the lyrics which are very honest and real. Great collaboration.

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Your vocals deliver Arthur's bittersweet lyrics very well. Your live unplugged treatment makes this like an intimate conversation, which your guitar almost harmonizes at times. What universal resonance lives in this little song!

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Beautiful delivery of Arhurs very sweet lyrics. Great vocal, soft delivery. Fantastic collab guys!