What's Going On

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What's Going On



Liner Notes: 

Inspired by comments made during a songwriting workshop by Bob Hausler, this song is about the struggle to reach one another as parents and children. Technology is an amazing addition to our lives, but sometimes at a cost. Remembering how to talk to one another and express our feelings is the foundation of What's Going On. Enjoy.


What's Going On
Stuart Benbow
c. 7/16/2017

Eyes down, tuned out
Real life fades to the background
On line, al the time

Mama's in the corner, pulling hair
Daddy's giving speeches, and ultimatums
Nothing seems to sink in at all
What's going on

Wit's end, they don't understand me
How I'm feeling, all the pressures deep inside
Are slowly building, it's overwhelming

I need an escape a getaway
Forget about the hurt and pain
It seems we've grown worlds apart
What's going on

What's going on
We don't communicate the way we did back then
The thoughts and feelings deep inside are locked away from them
What's going on
What's going on

Look up, tell how you're feeling
Is there something that I can help you deal with
I'll try to understand, though I'm only human
What's going on
Oh tell me tell me
What's going on

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3tdoan's picture

Immediately hooked in with the harmonica, and great percussive guitar playing. The lyrics are wistful and ring so true.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Great job all around. Nice vocal, nice guitar, nice lyrics! I like your website, too!

Valerie Cox's picture

I never think of harmonica, but I always like it when I hear it. I like the groove. Nice stuff of the guitar. It's a good performance too with all the dynamics and emotion. I like it. Great groove.

writeandwrong's picture

Oh, nice!! I'm not much of a harmonica fan, very few tunes I care with a harmonica...and this is one of them! What a great way to start off your 50/90 challenge! I like how the hooks caught me off guard and kept me reeled in! Awesome write! Smile

The syncopation and vocal dynamics make for a nice sub-rhythmic melody, works well, -- great work.

OdilonGreen's picture

Sung with true conviction, and the guitar part constantly entertains with its emphatic folksy charm. A strong statement in every aspect.

Amanda West's picture

Wonderful song with such an unusual slant to the lyrics. Kinda reminds me of very early Dylan etc, but then your voice always did remind me of those 60s folk ballads Smile Lovely Smile

philmcmill's picture

Like the harp, excellent rhythm. Effective use of stops. Great lyrics - nice job!

ChariotBaldwin's picture

You're certainly writing from a place of experience and a generational difference too. Now we know how our parents felt, when they couldn't understand us and our 'new fangled' devices Wink