No Cold Hard Truth

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No Cold Hard Truth



Liner Notes: 

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OK - see the first two songs posted here for "granular" liner notes, -- not gonna keep re-pasting it, (if interested).

Again, this/these is/are all going to be a one-take krappey cell phone recordings. Some may come from an Audacity upload, --pending how my Linux Mint 18.1 migration is going. Frankly, the phones as good or better +- :). Linux and Audacity seem to be getting along... so we'll see.

-- This was a one-take, however, of course as you can hear..., I was acclimating to audacity on Linux as previously commented, --so ad hoc overdubbed a guitar sitting near by on-hand and a cajon I have a mixing board sitting upon (threw an MXL990 inside it). I haven't played a hand-drum in a long time... had to work out that coordination since not the same as a kit (less is more for sure on that thing), --took it out, put it back, etc. ... kinda worked with a thump hearbeat... maybe need to tighten the screws on the soundboard... no sure about the "slap/clap" down beat from it... jembe didn't seem appropriate and a drumkit... to much for now!!! :).

[ Oh, and the *birds supplied by God, outside my window this morning... Smile , they get paid from the garden and fruit trees. So much for unidirectional mics... ]


Remember, --I don't clean up my lyrics, it's notes and all, so, figure it out! Smile


[Start e, or a, a may be higher pitch… either way w/”energy”]

/Am s-e [a] / /
If you walk with Jesus
/ /
He'll save your soul
/ /
But He won't save your body
/Em s-e /^^^ Em sus / / [“cold”... s-e g e ?]
The world takes you cold
(Our) 2nd time? [… Woooww… ]

/Am /^^^
If you talk with Jesus
/ /
He'll take you with Him
/ /
He won't take your work
Em s-d s-g Em sus
The world breaks that mold

/F s-f / / ^v^v^
There is no cold hard truth to living life
/A s-e
You fight bold till tired avoiding strife
Driving hard not scratching the paint
/C s-g /G s-g /D D sus / / / /
Then pile up hard.. to end… the fight… … [f# e d]

[Repeat all again, or --- V1, V2, Instrumental, Chorus again, fade out]
[2ndx thru, consider octave up, Am s-a Em s-e, low g to e on “world”]

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like this sound. The acoustic with the smooth, clean lead guitar and light percussion. Really nice. I like the lyrics too. Interesting and thought provoking.

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Love your voice on this! You're getting a pretty good recording with Audacity. (Didn't notice the birds at all). Nice job on lyrics.

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This has a unique intro. I love that one string pluck in particular. I listened and I THINK I hear some minor lyric changes from what is written. I THINK I like it better. Audibly some of it is hard to discern the words. The melody has a rhythm that is familiar. While it's nice, it is frequently the rhythm strum I've known you use in many of your songs. I'd like to hear a bit of a change-up--like you did in the intro, little details like that really add interest. I'm NOT giving mom feedback here. I think there is far more potential--you have the skill with the guitar. You should push your creativity in that and accommodate your vocals to whatever creative melody comes of it--you have more melodic variability in your vocals. You're playing it safe.

Yes, in an interview with Angus Young, others of AC/DC when one media person said, "hey your last 3 albums sound alike", they replied, "oh no, they ALL sound alike!" ... or words to that affect Smile

Yes, thanks for the feedback. It is a Flat-pickers dilemma playing an acoustic, indeed! ...

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The lead guitar part is a great addiction to your recording. Almost to the point of - hey, who's this new character - let's hear some more of that. Then I have to go over the song again because I practically ignored listening to the other parts the first time around. Wink

Oh wow..., thank you!

OK... I'll keep that in mind. I wasn't sure if added or took away... seemed to add. (The weather was amazing that day, and I was feeling no "weight" (s)... and saw that gat just a sitt'n dere! And then... I got that. The really good ones (musicians), can "do it" no matter how they "feel"... -- I'm working on that... for a long time it seems.